WooCommerce Addon Uploads Pro

WooCommerce Addon Uploads Pro

WooCommerce Addon Uploads Pro is a WooCommerce addon for enabling end users to upload custom files before adding Products to Cart.

This feature helps store owners to capture additional information from their customers and helps saving considerable time in preparing the order for customer without waiting for additional information that might be required. Through this plugin the end user or customer has to upload files depending on the type of files needed for store owners.

Current Version of woocommerce addon uploads pro – v2.0.0
WooCommerce Addon Uploads Pro Salient Features:
  • Enable or Disable the uploader on Product Page.
  • Customized Add to Cart texts and Uploader labels.
  • Validations on whether the upload should be mandatory or not before adding to cart.
  • File size validations to restrict user to upload files of restricted size.
  • Validations for resolution set at global level for images.
  • File type filter enabling customers to choose from only particular type of file.
  • Thumbnail images will be displayed in Cart and also on Checkout page.
  • Uploaded Image path available in Order from Dashboard.

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