WooCommerce Export Orders

New Features in WooCommerce Export Orders Pro

Last week we released version 1.2 of WooCommerce Export Orders Pro. Let us look at some of the highlights of the release:

New look UI:

We have completely changed the UI of the export orders screen and have adopted a new Semantic UI Layout to ease the experience of the shop managers.Export Orders ViewMore over we moved the order of our menu of Export Orders just after the WooCommerce menus to enhance the ease of use for shop managers. The Export Orders menu will be as shown above.

Some advanced look for the filters (Number of records to show) and Search, along with a new look for the export report buttons

Buttons and Filters
Buttons and Filters

And last but not the least, a new look for the pagination component


Removed the use of flash

In one of the recent updates for WooCommerce Variation Reports we had removed the use of Flash. The reason we did this was since a recent updates from Adobe said that they will no longer be supporting the usage of Flash. We no longer use flash but use HTML5 features for our export functionality.

Future Releases:

We have couple of features lined up in the near future such as:

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Email functionality to directly mail the reports

We shall be releasing an update soon with both the features included. Apart from these features if you want us to add any other features we shall be glad to roll out in the next release of the plugin.