Why use an upload utility on product page ?

Recently we launched the WooCommerce Addon Uploads plugin. The basic purpose of this plugin is to enable Customers to upload additional information in the form of a file which the store owners can make use of while preparing their orders.

The advantage of having custom fields over upload is that sometimes the customers are not sure about which information shall be mandatory to complete the order. There are options for contacting the store itself for details but then too, shop owners may loose valuable business if no one is available to provide the necessary information. On the other hand this can be helpful even for shop owners, as they wont have to contact the customers for information to complete the order.

Addon on Product Page
Addon on Product Page

As shown above, here is an example of a store that sells spectacles. Sometimes customers are not aware about what information shall be provided to complete the order. Here a customer can upload the readings provided by an optician. Shop owners can have the added advantage here of validating if needed in case of some prescriptions.

Shop owners shall have the link of the file uploaded in the Orders itself eliminating any additional place to look for the uploaded files.

Our plugin Woocommerce Addon Upload is created to handle these requests and with some options. So checkout the plugin. Pretty new features lined up. Checkout now to avail the future releases for free and that too for lifetime.