Variation Reports

Enhancements and improvements in WooCommerce Variations Reports plugin

We have released a new version (v2.0) of WooCommerce Variations Reports plugin recently. This release has many enhancements and improvements in the user experience.

New enhancements:

  • New improved UI
  • Removed the use of flash which was previously mandatory

New improved UI

After some feedback from our customers we have brought in a new semantic look to our reports view.

First the table which shows the variable products has got a makeover as shown below:

New look tabular representation
New look tabular representation

Some advanced look for the filters (Number of records to show) and Search, along with a new look for the export report buttons

Buttons and Filters
Buttons and Filters

And last but not the least, a new look for the pagination component


Removed the use of flash

Until the previous versions we had our export functionality working based on flash. Recent updates from Adobe stating no longer support for Flash prompted us to migrate to other technology at this time itself. We no longer use flash but HTML5 features for our export functionality.

Future releases:

We have planned a couple of new features that will help shop owners to analyze the variation sales. So stay tuned for the next update